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Congratulations to user brittneynicoll. The Quiz Hen team of judges has declared your "Which Pixar Character Are You?" quiz the winner of the $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Thanks to all who created quizzes during the contest period, and stay tuned for more epic promos in the future featuring additional stellar prizes. In the meantime, why don't you make yourself comfortable and take some quizzes? Or even better, create your own quiz so you can start making money today!
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We've got lots of fun personality quizzes for you to take. Are you curious about which Breaking Bad character is most like you? Or would you like to know what age your personality is? Well, now is the perfect time for you to find out. What are you waiting for?

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Make Quizzes

So here is the awesome part, on QuizHen.com you are able to create your own quizzes! We built the most fun, sophisticated, easy to use quiz making control panel in the world! You can create your own quiz about anything you like. If you are into basketball, you could make a "which nba star are you?" quiz, or if you know a lot about the show "glee", you might make a "which glee character are you?" one. Ready to get started?

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Make Money!

The super neat thing about Quiz Hen is that we have ads up on the website. When people go to one of your quizzes and see/click on the ads, we make ad revenue money. We split that ad revenue with you! There is a spot in the control panel for your account where you can see how much ad revenue you have made. When you make over $50 we will pay you using your paypal email address. How cool is that?

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